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What is UniFi Cloud Access? 1 year ago

UniFi Cloud Access provides a single dashboard for connecting to multiple UniFi Controllers. If you have done dozens of UniFi deployments, then you probably have lots of Cloud Keys and UniFi Controller servers at different locations for managing …

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How to migrate from Ubiquiti Cloud 1 year ago

At HostiFi, many of our new customers are migrating from Ubiquiti¬†Cloud, after Ubiquiti increased their pricing recently from $199/yr for 100 devices to $299/yr for just 10 devices. +$199/yr for each 10 after. We are¬†providing a better service …

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UniFi Cloud Comparison 1 year ago

At HostiFi we are providing a UniFi Cloud Controller hosting service which includes UniFi and OS upgrades, support, 24/7 monitoring, automatic free SSL install, and nightly off-site backups. If you are looking to migrate your (hybrid) Cloud Key, …

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New Features in UniFi 5.8.24 1 year ago

At HostiFi we handle all UniFi updates and upgrades for our customers. Typically we keep our servers on the latest stable release, which, at the time of this writing, is 5.7.23. As of last Friday however, 5.8.24 Stable …

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