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How to migrate from Ubiquiti Cloud 1 year ago

At HostiFi, many of our new customers are migrating from Ubiquiti Cloud, after Ubiquiti increased their pricing recently from $199/yr for 100 devices to $299/yr for just 10 devices. +$199/yr for each 10 after.

We are providing a better service with more features for only $15/month with unlimited devices. Some differentiators other than price – we provide Let’s Encrypt SSL installed by default, 24/7 uptime monitoring, and nightly off-site backups.

To migrate your Ubiquiti Cloud controller to HostiFi is easy and takes just a few minutes:

1. Use the site import/export wizard
2. Migrate each site from your old controller to your new controller
3. Devices are managed by your HostiFi controller!

We also provide assistance with migration and help you get started



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